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1. Kali Pediada or (Dombro Pole)

Kali Pediada or (Dobro Pole), located on the border with Slopia ( FYROM ) at an altitude of 1,750 m. It is situated above the village of Ano Loutraki where a plateau named Kali Pediada or (Dobro Pole). Many small lakes with herbaceous vegetation. It is very rare combination wetland and alpine meadows, home to rare species of flora and fauna in a natural basin 3350 acres which compose an incredibly beautiful scenery entirely made from mother nature. In the area there are the memorial monuments and the Serbian Cemetery, since there took deadly battles during the 1st World War. There he chose the story to meet the nature and nature offered its best. The Greek Mountain Bikers Organization classify the area one of the 4 best destinations in Greece and deserves special attention.

2. Edessa Watefall

By the late 14th century a large volume of water was accumulated in a lake west of the city. After a geological phenomenon, probably an earthquake, the water passing through the city and poured from the rock, creating numerous rivers. Hidden behind the profuse vegetation remain untapped for some time. In 1942 the Germans first saw the power of tourism and exploitation of the Cascade surroundings, creating two pools, flower beds and flower boxes. After the war, the space given to the municipality, who in turn arrange to plant flowers and trees. In 1953 he began operating the city restaurant "pools", where the Edesseos fun dancing tango and waltz. In early 1960 built safe access for visitors to admire and photograph the waterfalls.

Today not only known throughout the Greek territory and outside it, there are many tourists who visit the park of waterfalls to enjoy the majestic waters of the river Edesseos be discharged from the cliff (70 meters height), creating this fantastic spectacle and the double waterfall. Beneath the famous waterfall Karan is a small cave with stalactites. The park also operates outdoor Water Museum and Tourist Information.

Visitors can nakolouthisei 2 routes. The first route from the village Orma and the second from the village Megaplatanos by the Saracens (The road is paved and in good condition). According to tradition, when Stratilatis Alexander decided to conquer the world, equipped with the Phalanx Macedonians spears, known as javelins, 6 feet long, with wood sourced from the Black Forest of Orma.

3. Valley of the Rocks Mplazza Pinovo

From Voreino village following the main forest road and through woodland visitor reaches the "Pinovo" top with rich flora and fauna. There are two huge in size allied cannons from 1o World War. The breathtaking beauty of the landscape and the rich flora impress the visitor.

Voras Mountains - Mountain Almopia

From the city of Aridaia, follow the road to the east Almopia (to Exaplatanos). Soon sign directs us to the village Voreino. Follow the path and the entrance of the village, our new sign leads to Pefkoto. The way the first kilometers of asphalt and then dirt road. We continue our journey to the "baseline" dirt. In front we see our old outpost which we leave on our left and begin the ascent. The road although road is in good condition. The climb continues we pass in front of the forest nursery and let us down the abandoned village of Ano Pefkotou. The vegetation becomes denser and ahead appears the imposing peak of Despot.

4. Caves of loutra pozar

In the area of Pozar is a large complex of 17 caves, a pit 50 meters, and many silaiokatafygia. Formed thousands of years ago, when the water level was at the entrances to the caves before they formed the valley Pozar.

Systematic excavations and explorations of caves in Pozar unearthed ample evidence that the indigenous population. There is evidence for the life of man from primitive tools (sharp and polished, sharp spikes of stone arrows), etc. articles indicate that the sites of caves used by the Neolithic or even Paleolithic era.

5. Kaimaktsalan or Mountain Voras

Mountain Voras (Kaimaktsalan = White Top) is the third highest mountain in Greece, located in the northern part of the prefecture of Pella to the limits with the Prefecture of Florina. Continues across the border in FYROM side. The highest peak is Kaimaktsalan or cream with 2,524 meters. The north west is connected with Jenna mountains (2,182 meters) and Pinovo (2,156 meters), which consists a part of the same mountain range. Covered by forests of oak, beech and pine. In the north a ski center. At the highest peak is a small church, fallen Serb monument of World War II.

On the western slopes of the north comes the Moglenitsas, who before the drainage works carried out at Giannitsa plain was part Loudias, and from the southern river Edessian.

Mount Voras or Kaimaktsalan is 35 km from to Pozar Loutraki. Open from early November to early May. It is known to be one of the few ski centers in Greece with so long snow. The ski slopes are many kilometers and different difficulty levels. Ski Center Kaimaktsalan is the third highest mountain in Greece, the first Olympus with 2.917m. followed Smolikas with 2.637m. and Mount Voras or Kaimaktsalan with altitude of 2,524. It is the highest winter sports center in Greece that the site starting at 2.018m. and end at 2.480m. The ski center of Mount Voras attracts friends ski and winter sports in general.



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